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Our own branding refresh & new website

Blue Moon Creative New Branding

It’s amazing how hard it can be to find time to do for yourself, what you do for others – and how powerful a real deadline can be. In our case, we’d known for ages that we wanted to evolve our own branding. It was a commitment to a Chamber of Commerce trade show at Malvern, Expo2016, which provided the deadline.

Visually stronger in all online contexts

We wanted to upgrade our branding primarily to “walk our talk” i.e. have a logo and associated livery which worked well on large and small devices, in low light and bright light, in HD and low res mono. Inevitably, having done this, we just wish we’d got around to it sooner!

Hiding our own light

We bang on a lot about the extent to which our role with clients is, often, to first find out all the good stuff they are hiding: lights under bushels all over the place. True to the theory that everyone takes for granted what is special about them, it was only when we produced three entirely image-based leaflets showing some 30 examples of our work over the last year or so, that one major factor – consistently high, reliable quality – really shone through.

If you’ve not seen the leaflets, please download our beauty leaflet, our energy leaflet and our transformation leaflet or click here for us to send you a set of the printed versions.

grab attention.

hold attention.


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