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Gains for Budget, Redplug & Evenproducts

Looking to practice what we preach in marketing ourselves more effectively, we’ve been talking to clients about the effect of our work on their businesses. This is, it must be said, a far from exact science: workloads rise and fall for all manner of reasons and we are very conscious that correlation is not causation. Even so, the speed and positive nature of the feedback we have had has been highly encouraging and we are most grateful to many clients (not just those highlighted here) for their helpfulness. Our Italian software clients, AliasLab, for example, said that we have explained what they do so well, their HQ is using our material.

For Budget Skips & Waste management, owner Barry Holloway said bookings were “at least 50%” compared with the old website. For the leading soundproofing and blown insulation specialist Redplug -for whom we handle branding, online advertising and events – Michael Harley reported an approximate five-fold improvement in both website visitor traffic and his ROI on Google AdWords, adding that he is on track to double turnover in 18 months, for the second time. Not to be outdone, Stuart Powell of Evenproducts (world No.1 supplier of key water aid products) said their website, launched in late 2015, is generating four times the number of leads of the old one, and has been a vital ‘link in the chain’ helping them to grow exports by some 30%. Not insignificantly, Stuart is one the few clients to take full advantage of a website which makes it easy for him to add content, including news, photos and new pages. Using this to build the website’s SEO through more and more highly relevant content, Stuart has built the ‘SEO capital’ of the Evenproducts website, generating lots of new visits – and leads – via organic searches.

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