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Retirement Security chooses Blue Moon Creative

Given our fondness for businesses which hide their light under a bushel, it has been a great pleasure to work throughout the start of this year with the national sheltered retirement housing company, Retirement Security Limited (RSL). Responsible for developing no fewer than 31 retirement ‘courts’ across the country, all of which are sold out, the RSL model gives a unique degree of control to the owner occupiers of its apartments, including the appointment of directors from amongst the residents who set budgets and appoint all staff.

A quite inspiring business which has all but deliberately hidden itself from public view, our role has been to work with RSL’s management team in articulating the special nature of this company and bringing it to the attention of its target audiences. Having started doing this via advertisements which are radically different from all previous RSL marketing, we shall be continuing over the coming weeks with a new website, new owners’ magazine and more.

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