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Walking our Talk

Unearthing treasures from under the feet of our clients is a standard part of our process. We’re forever saying that businesses need to take credit where it’s due. Indeed, later this month, we’re giving a talk and workshop at Tech UK in London about our ‘Beatles Theory of Creativity’. This focusses heavily on the need for businesses, like people, to ‘self actualise’, to identify what is good and distinctive about them, then build on those aspects and discard whatever conflicts with them.

Realising we were failing to do this for ourselves was a little embarrassing, but quite exciting. It is prompting us to celebrate and make more of our size, location and premises, and to formalise some of the processes which we’ve always followed, but rarely highlighted to clients.

We hope you like the changes in the way we explain what we’re about. Either way, feedback is always welcome, so please let us know.

Talking of credit where it’s due, much of this realisation was initiated by a session we had with Amit Sahoo of Grant Thornton’s ‘G’ business growth team, during which he asked many of the questions we ask of our clients, and more.

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