Real Branding

What treasures do you have hidden right under your feet?

Real Branding is deeply rooted in what an organisation or product is, and aspires to be. ‘Branding’ which fails to do that, isn’t really branding at all – which is why a nice logo and a pretty font can undermine credibility and miss the multiple gains of a strong brand.

It’s also why we like to talk to people from all stakeholder groups, be they CEO or receptionist, client or supplier, even a rival. It’s why we check companies out from the point of view of potential investors and employees. It’s a process which invariably finds valued distinctions you never knew you had, right under your feet. 

Because we dig deeper, our evidence-based brand strategies are ambitious and credible. They also give our creatives terrific raw material to work with. This makes the job of revealing what an organisation has to offer, easier, more effective and fun.

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