Blue Moon Office 5

We enable organisations to transform how they and their clients and customers feel about themselves and their products.

We free our clients to see how good they are, to aim higher and grow faster. And if all this sounds a bit OTT, take a look at what our clients say.

Digital strategy

Encompassing branding and communications, our unique workshops involve you and your stakeholders, unearthing the treasures under your feet and producing a vision to excite your teams and dazzle your key audiences.

Outcomes include detailed strategies, vision statements and a measure of corporate ‘self actualisation’ which extends the potential of companies and individuals.

Digital branding, websites & cross-media campaigns

The most visible, tangible part of our job, after all the research and planning, manifests itself in great design, copywriting, website development, illustration, animation, advertising, social media work and more.

E-commerce solutions

Our long experience in big product catalogues and their databases has proved hugely valuable in creating ecommerce experiences which enable customers to move easily between different media, technologies and devices.

Outcomes include ecommerce websites which coordinate with email, pay-per-click and social media campaigns, printed catalogues and direct mail.

Service & product innovation

During our collaborative workshops, ‘brave = safe’ service and product innovations, almost always reveal themselves, even when not the primary object of the exercise. Once implemented, the main question clients subsequently ask is “Why didn’t we do this before?”.

Unrivalled on-going support

We have a history of long-term relationships with clients (and suppliers) because we have a strong service culture, a strong work ethic and a rare commitment to looking after our clients’ best interests.