Dream Car Giveaways

Kings of their niche, Dream Car Giveaways were growing so fast, both their technology and branding were struggling to cope. Automating wherever possible, we created branded user journeys aimed squarely at their petrol-head fans, making life easier and more enjoyable for them and the guys at DCG, driving profits higher.

“Looks good, miles easier to navigate and runs so much smoother"

- Customer feedback


Greeted with real enthusiasm by fans, the new branding and website is now a firmly established part of the Dream Car Giveaways growth story. With over 180 competitions in less than a year and an increase in Facebook likes from 20,000 to over 41,000 in, at the time of writing, the last four months alone, we are now looking at helping Dream Car to build their brand to great heights. The authenticity and focus is so strong, we the their own journey, has barely begun.