branding • ecommerce website • catalogue design

Client: Lapwing UK

Specialist construction products

A family business established in 1997, Lapwing has a strong reputation in the construction trade as a reliable supplier of branded and own-brand construction consumables, especially in relation to cutting tools and personal protective equipment.

Ecommerce website & branding facelift

We gave the catalogue of this long-established construction supplies company – which offers over 4,000 SKUs – an engaging new look and then applied it to their first ever ecommerce website.

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Great for use on-site

Mobile use is really important in the construction sector, as builders often order whilst on-site. In mobile view, the tiles of the Lapwing site stack to take up the entire screen width. This keeps the layout looking clean at every size, on every device and modern browser.


High functionality

The Lapwing site shows different prices to different discount-level trade customers. It shows multi-level pricing according to quantity. It can filter the user’s search results according to colour, size and brand. And it has a repeat order function enabling returning customers to order whole baskets of goods again, in bulk, in seconds.


Maximising engagement, relevance and quality

The new look Lapwing catalogue is both more effective – and a much better reflection of the integrity of the Lapwing service and corporate ethos.