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Queen Elizabeth Pub Company

The Queen Elizabeth Inn is the first incarnation of this impressive pub business, which has proved willing to think creatively and market intensively to keep its restaurant busy, despite its quiet village location.

Our task was to look beyond the traditional ‘older male boozer’ market on which the pub had relied, to encourage and welcome a broader range of customers, especially during the day. This involved a significant contribution from our own “anecdotal testing platform” when 48 out of 50 women you consult opt for Option B over Option A (favoured by the traditional clientele), you know you have a meaningful result.

The branding had to be classy yet welcoming, and modern whilst highlighting the heritage of the business.

Customer reaction since launch has been overwhelmingly positive, especially amongst women, families and younger people.

These qualities are central to the strength and value of the branding to our clients.

“A dramatic rebrand was essential to show how much we had changed. It has worked brilliantly.”

Neil Lavender-Jones,
Elmley Castle Pubco Ltd